Street and Sewer Permits

The following permits that can be obtained from the Engineering Department. Click on each one to learn more.

- Street Opening Permit
- Permit to Encumber
- Driveway Permit
- Residential Wastewater Service Permit (Sewer Permit)
- Outdoor Dining Permit

What kind of permit do I need?

Street Opening Permit

You need a street opening permit if you are going to do any excavation or disturbance of the existing rite of way. The city right of way is a strip of property encompassing the roadway plus the area between the road and private property.

Commons instances of when you would require a Street Opening Permit:

Repair or installation of:

- Underground utility pipes and wires

- Curbing or sidewalk

- Utility poles

To learn more about applying for a Street Opening Permit click here.

Permit to Encumber

A permit to encumber must be obtained when proposed work require a temporary closure or narrowing of a pedestrian walkway City street.

Commons instances of when you would require a Permit to Encumber:

- Overhead utility installation or repair

- Parades

- Benefit walks or races

- Removal of large trees

- Dumpster placement on the street

- Large public gatherings on public sidewalks

Driveway Permit

You need a driveway permit if you are going to install a new driveway or widen an existing driveway.

Outdoor Dining Permit

If you a commercial business and wish to have outdoor seating for your patrons, you need an Outdoor Dining Permit. Outdoor Dining Permits are valid from March through November each year and must be renewed yearly.