I see FIOS TV from Verizon advertised, is it available in Nashua?
FIOS is a brand name for the Cable TV and Internet products offered in some areas by the Verizon landline telephone company. Verizon sold their Northern New England assets in 2008 to Fairpoint Communications. Although fiber optic cables were strung through parts of some NH communities, including Nashua, Verizon never received franchise agreements to operate their FIOS system in the state prior to their sale to Fairpoint. Fairpoint currently uses the fiber optic network for high speed internet services in some areas, but to date they have not expressed interest in starting up a FIOS type television service in any of the local markets they serve. Fairpoint does offer product bundling, but offers a satellite TV service together with its telephone and internet services.

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3. I see FIOS TV from Verizon advertised, is it available in Nashua?
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