How and when do I renew my vehicle registration?
Registrations are renewed during the month of expiration, which can be found on your registration. Generally, this is the birth month of the first name on the registration unless the vehicle is leased or owned by a business. Registrations expire at midnight on the last day of the expiration month. Check your registration or the month sticker on your license plate.

For your convenience, registrations can be renewed up to 4 months in advance. You may renew your registration through the mail by following the instructions on the renewal notice you receive in the mail. This is the most convenient method of registering.

You may also come in to the Motor Vehicle Registration Office located at City Hall downtown Nashua, at 229 Main Street. Please bring your current registration and your renewal notice along with your current Driver's License or ID. If possible, avoid Mondays and Fridays and the beginning and end of each month since those tend to be our busiest days and lines can be lengthy.

You also have the option to renew online.

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