I would like to know how to transfer my vehicles into the name of a trust?

If your vehicles are year 2000 or newer, you will sign the back of the titles over to your trust. Although the vehicles will be titled in just your trust's name, your name can still appear first on your registration as Trustee only (no personal ownership) so that you can keep your birthday month as your month of registration and vehicle inspection.

In order to get this done, you'll need to bring in the following:

- Your titles to the vehicles

- Your legal papers naming the actual trust name and trustees

- Your Driver's License

- The current mileage on the vehicles

- Your current registrations to the vehicles.

The cost is $27 for each title and $3 for each registration, providing your vehicles are currently registered and we only need to add the Trust name 2nd on the registration.

If your vehicles are year 1999 or older, we will need your current registration along with a new Bill of Sale from the primary owner (Trustee) to the Trustee (primary owner) and the Trust.  Bill of Sale forms are available in our office.

The cost for updating your non-titled vehicles is $3.00 per registration.

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