How do I submit a request?

Submitting a request is easy to do using our online submission tool or phone app which can be downloaded from your app store by searching for SeeClickFix. After you finish entering the details of your request, you will be given the option to either submit a request anonymously if you don't want to receive updates on the status of your request or to register for an account which will allow you to track your requests and receive updates to the status of your request.

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1. What is the Citizens Service Request Center?
2. How do I submit a request?
3. What types of things can I send to the Service Request Center?
4. How long does it take once I submit my request?
5. How do I know my request hasn’t been forgotten?
6. How will I know that my request is sent to the right place?
7. What if you have a question about Citizen Service Requests that’s not answered here?
8. Is it easy to register?
9. What about people that don’t have a computer?