Will this process increase my property taxes?

It depends how much your property value has increased. If the total value of taxable property in the City increases as a result of the revaluation, then the tax rate will decline. Not all properties appreciate or depreciate at the same rate. For example, assume that your home is currently assessed at $200,000 but its fair market value is actually $250,000, and that commercial properties are on average selling at 95% of market value. In this example,  the commercial properties could see a tax decrease because  they were valued at 95% of market value, while your home would see an increase because it was valued at 80% of fair market value.  This is merely an example to help understand the process.

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1. The City of Nashua is undergoing a State-Required Revaluation for 2018.
2. How will the Revaluation be done?
3. The Assessor came to my house this year for data verification and my value changed. Why?
4. It seems the Assessor is at my house every year. Why?
5. Does this mean every property in the City is going to be visited this year?
6. How will taxpayers know if their assessment is equitable? And what can a taxpayer do if they feel their value is inaccurate?
7. What can a taxpayer do once they receive their December tax bill, if they disagree with their 2018 assessed value?
8. What is market value and who determines my property assessment?
9. When will the new values go into effect?
10. Will this process increase my property taxes?
11. What will the 2018 property tax rate be so a property owner can calculate their property tax amount?