Do I need a permit to re-roof my home?
A permit to re-roof your home (1 and 2-family residences) is not required, although you are required to follow the Building Code. The code allows you to go over the existing shingles provided you only have one layer of shingles on the roof currently. If you are going to strip the roof, you must use water and ice shield on the first 3' of the roof and a minimum of 15# felt paper under the shingles on the remaining roof.

Other than applying asphalt roofing shingles, commercial properties and residential homes above a 1 and 2- family unit building require a permit. Again, you will need to follow the Building Code. A letter from a structural engineer stating the existing roof structure can support the new roofing design is required. Further questions relating to roofs on commercial properties should be directed to the Building Inspector or Plans Examiner.

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