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  1. Request to View Files or for Copy of Documents

    Request to View Files or for Copy of Documents

Boards & Commissions

  1. 2023 Nashua Arts Commission Grant Report Form

    As the recipient of a 2022 grant from the Nashua Arts Commission, you are required to fill out the following grant report form in order... More…

  2. NEA Grant Reporting Form 2022
  1. CTAB Form

    Contact or become a member of Cable Television Advisory Board

  2. Volunteer For A Board or Commission Form

    Become a member of a Board or Commission

Community Development

  1. City of Nashua COVID-19 Impact Fund Business Report

    CDBG business grant accomplishments under the COVID-19 IMPACT FUND

  2. Emergency and Code Enforcement Department Information

    For landlord or property owners

  3. LEAD PAINT-HEALTHY HOMES PROGRAM and HOME IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM - Application for Owner Occupied Property (up to 4 units)

    Nashua's Urban Programs Department has two programs that provide financial assistance and benefits to owner occupied low and moderate... More…


    CDBG Eligibility form for the COVID-19 IMPACT FUND

  2. Lead Paint & Healthy Homes Program Application - Investor Owned Properties - 2020
  3. Urban Programs Loan Subordination/Payoff Request

    Please use this form to submit a subordination or payoff request for loans related to the City's Housing Improvement Program (HIP),... More…


  1. E-nouncements Form

    Nashua ETV makes periodic space available on Channel 99 for a bulletin board to help promote local educational events to the Nashua... More…

  1. Reception Issue Form

    This form is for reporting reception issues with the City of Nashua Community Television channels 16, 96, and 99.

Department of Building Safety

  1. Building Department Inspection Request

    All inspections require 24 hours prior notice to schedule

Financial Services

  1. Request for Final Wastewater Bill for Closings

    For Closing Agents looking for Final Wastewater Bills for Closings.

  1. Request for Record of Expenditure

Hunt Memorial Building

  1. Office Space Form

    Request More Information about renting Office Space at the Hunt Memorial Building.

  1. Reservation Information Request

    Request more information on reserving the Hunt Memorial Building for a private event.

Mayor's Office

  1. Invite the Mayor
  2. Requesting a Proclamation or Recognition
  1. Nashua DCC Training

    This facilitative training helps participants explore the concepts of diversity and culture, and recognize personal values, beliefs and... More…


  1. City of Nashua Parking Appeal Form
  2. Overnight Parking On-Street Permit Application
  1. Day Lease Parking Permit Application
  2. Overnight Parking Request Exception Form

    Please fill out the required fields below. All overnight parking requests must be sent in by 11:00PM to be considered for same day... More…