• Group in snowshoes coming down a snowy path.
  • Woman in snowshoes smiling on a path.
  • Woman descending a snowy path in snowshoes.
  • Two people in snowshoes walking side by side.
  • Two people hiking up a hill in snowshoes.
  • Three people in snowshoes descending a path.
  • Small icy stream trickling into a pond.
  • Several people hiking through trees in snowshoes.
  • One person in snowshoes following another in snow.
  • Man learning to walk in snowshoes.
  • Man in snowshoes standing in a group of trees.
  • Icy stream water running over black rocks.
  • Group walking in snowshoes up a hill.
  • Group of people in snowshoes chatting together.
  • Group learning to walk in snowshoes.

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