• Young girl examining books.
  • Woman with a baby sitting at a picnic table.
  • Woman standing with Mrs. Claus.
  • Woman standing with Santa Claus.
  • Woman greeting Santa and Mrs. Claus.
  • Two women standing with two children in hats.
  • Two men standing by a barbecue grill.
  • Two long list of names laying in the snow.
  • Three people standing outside by a picnic table.
  • Three people in old-fashioned winter clothes.
  • Several people waiting to see Santa.
  • Santa waving next to a fire truck.
  • Santa beside a table of Christmas favors.
  • Santa sitting in a chair decorated with bells.
  • Santa holding a baby boy on his lap.
  • Santa and Mrs. Claus walking together.
  • Santa and Mrs. Claus standing in front of gazebo.
  • Mrs. Claus sitting next to a decorated tree.
  • Man hugging a child by Santa.
  • Little girl in santa hat holding a present.
  • Little boy eating a Christmas cookie.
  • Line of families excited to see Santa in the park.
  • Inside of a gazebo decorated for Christmas.
  • Case filled with standing nut crackers.
  • Group of families posed around Santa for a photo.
  • Families and Santa next to a sleigh full of gifts.
  • Fire truck driving up a path.
  • Family standing by a table of Christmas favors.
  • Family examining a sleigh full of presents.
  • Couple in front of Christmas decorated gazebo.
  • Christmas decorated gazebo.
  • Children gathered around a Christmas tree.
  • Child holding a gift and a clock.
  • Carolers singing in the snow next to a sleigh.
  • A woman waiting with three children to see Santa.

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